No guesswork, No probable numbers. Guaranteed Identifications of B-Party in app to app Calls.


Cyber Crime Investigation Tools


Criminals are increasingly using internet app to app based communication applications, like (but not limited to) WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, IMO etc., that have end-to-end encryption to connect to each other. This makes traditional analysis of IPDR data, or B-Party identification, virtually impossible and is also a hindrance for law enforcement personnel.

But not anymore, for the first time in India, introducing C5 CAT with the power of digital intelligence, an innovative tool designed by Prosoft for next-gen IPDR analysis. A dedicated team of data engineers at Prosoft have come up with a radical product, built from the ground up with IPDR analysis in mind.

Solve the Mystery of Cyber Crimes with Cutting-Edge Investigation Tools.


Pinpointing internet app to app calls in IPDR

IPDR data received from the TSP is immense in volume. C5 CAT swiftly filters out App to App calls (VoIP) for hassle-free investigations.


Identification of Called Party in App calls

Guaranteed Identification of B-Party in internet app to app calls is what our solution is designed for. No more guess work, no more probable numbers.


Common Numbers in IPDR

Discover insight about communication threads between individuals with ease.


Uncover suspect connections

With C5 CAT’s intelligent data processing, uncover suspect connections with just IPDR data without the need for 2nd sheet.

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