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Provides integrated results with advanced visual analytical interface.

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Analysis and Management

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Designed for Big Data

We know about the volumes of data that needs to be analysed to get actionable intelligence. We’ve made quick processing of millions of records a reality. Along with the intuitive Dashboard, mining of valuable information and generating Intel reports is a breeze.


CDR (Call Details Records) / Tower Dump Data

The key data, which once processed through our application shells out valuable information like locations, associates, common numbers, recee, pursuit of victim, group formations, suspicious behaviour, use of burner mobiles, roamer calls and much more intelligence.


IPDR (Internet Protocol Details Record)

With VOIP and VOLTE becoming the norm, you can ascertain the internet connectivity and draw inferences to assist in the investigation. The application’s IPDR analysis also provides information such as which websites and social media is used by the person of interest.


ILD (International Long Distance)

Going International with your investigation, we’ve got you covered. The ILD analysis yields result where international cartel is suspected during the investigation. Trace internationally connected individuals and their hidden network groups.


Data Synchronize

Welcome to the future of connected mobility and data synchronization. Managing intelligence reports or case data on different devices can be tasking. With this feature you can securely transfer data between the C5 CDR Analyzer desktop application and the Android app or vice-versa.


Data Visualization

Enables user to visually inspect the data using various types of graphics such as Forced Chart, Circular char, Timeline, Hierarchical chart etc.

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Cloud Data

Always have updated data wherever you are, irrespective of your devices too. We’ve got Cell Ids and other data up in the clouds so you can seamlessly continue your investigation without worrying about data availability.

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Data Repository

Everything case related in one place. This feature enables you to store all the information of a different cases and individuals in once place, which will give you a greater insight during the investigation.


Open Database Connectivity

Need more information about the case? You can now search multiple connected databases allowing you to match or cross manipulate data to different databases and files, enabling you to see an integrated view of the case.

Choose a Plan

We offer pricing plans that fit all investigation types and team sizes. Compare and find the best plan for you.

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The perfect way to test out your analytical needs and later upgrade to what suites you best.

  • rightmark svg 30 days Licence
  • rightmark svg All Features Unlocked
  • rightmark svg No Payments Required
  • rightmark svg Quick Installation
  • rightmark svg Easy to Upgrade
  • rightmark svg Mobile App
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CAT Edition lite.svg

A must have tool for all your IPDR investigative needs. Experience next-gen IPDR analytics with C5 CAT Edition.

  • SaaS Licence
  • VoIP Filters
  • Assured B-Party Identification
  • Common Numbers
  • Match IPDR
  • Geo Analysis
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Professional Edition professional.svg

The optimum choice of IOS to let Application work as a client-server in local network or stand-alone as well.

  • Data Accessibility
  • Server Configuration
  • Multiple Analysis
  • ODBC Option
  • Data Repository
  • Features of Lite Edition
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Enterprise Edition Home-png

The most powerful option for mid and big-size organizations looking to get as much data as possible.

  • Centralized Solution
  • Big Data Handling
  • Case & Management
  • User Management
  • Data Repository
  • Features of Professional
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Enterprise PLUS Home-png

This edition is a bespoke data analytical solution. Designed, developed and tailored to fit your organizations specific needs

  • Redesigned back-end structure
  • On-site deployment
  • Configured data handler
  • Features of Enterprise
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Editions That Fulfil Your CDR Analysis Requirements

Enterprise Edition - Plus

Unlimited Big Data, Ultimate Solution

Data with no limits for Big data analysis with state of art data security measures.Enterprise edition of the C5 CDR analyzer consist of a server license and a complimentary copy of the client License. Server License would be installed on the server thereafter client license would be installed on a computer connected to the server through LAN network. This implementation would enable C5 client to connect to the server and access the data on the basis of assigned privileges. Thus maintaining data security would be easy and data is located centrally.

Enterprise Edition

Ultimate solution for Big Data Analysis

Ultimate solution for Big data analysis with state of art data security measures.Enterprise edition of the C5 CDR analyzer consist of a server license and a complimentary copy of the client License. Server License would be installed on the server thereafter client license would be installed on a computer connected to the server through LAN network. .This implementation would enable C5 client to connect to the server and access the data on the basis of assigned privileges. Thus maintaining data security would be easy and data is located centrally.

Professional Edition

The C5 CDR Analyzer's Professional Edition is capable of working as a client to the server in local network as well as this edition also can be used as stand-alone; required data from the server can be transferred into this and can be carried anywhere needed for analysis.

Lite Edition

A Lite version of the acclaimed C5 CDR ANALYZER made by Prosoft e-Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. The desktop application that is convenient and simple to use, helps you find crucial information expeditiously. Ideal for day to day CDR analysis, it’s designed from the ground up with performance and accuracy being the focus of development. With an intuitive UI and user-friendly operations this application makes it a must have, for anyone with the need and know-how of CDR analytics.

C5 CDR Analyzer

Android Application

For the officers on the move


Our Clientele

Providing you with powerful analytical tools, is what we do best.

Product Timeline

Version Timeline of C5 CDR Analyzer

C5 CDR Analyzer Android App 2.1

Performance Enhancement and Optimization

Released Updates
Aug 2021

C5 CDR Analyzer-Version 5.6

  • SMS Details for company SMS in SDR Columns
  • IPDR Common Numbers (MSDN + IP Details)
  • Multiple Card Selection in Dashboard, Analysis and Quick Analysis
  • Displaying and comparing 14 Digit IMEI in all common number commands
August 2021

C5 CDR Analyzer Android App 2.0

Major tweaks, analytical upgrades and a redesigned UI.

Feb 2021

C5 CDR Analyzer - Version 5.5

  • Option for analysis of calls made while traveling
  • Export individual for Geo Analysis Movements
  • Hexadecimal convert in analysis
  • New IPDR dashboard
  • New Search option – ‘Match Cases’
  • SDR column display options
  • Find nearest Tower from Cloud
Jan 2021

Version 4.x – E.O.L

C5 CDR Analyzer version 4.x reached its End of Life, as much as we loved developing for version 4.x, we always kept looking forward and with the widely popular and more advanced version 5.x, it was only natural to phase out this version.

End of Support
Aug 2020

Trial Edition - C5 CDR Analyzer

Don’t take our word for it. Try the application yourself, with all the features unlocked for 30 days, absolutely free!

Launched Free Edition
August 2020

C5 CDR Analyzer

  • Option to create SDR connection file added
  • Night Calls now available in Quick Analysis
  • Geo-Fencing enhanced
  • Easy navigation between different Analysis
August 2020

C5 CDR Analyzer Android App

We’ve made the already influential C5 CDR Analyzer app even better. Major tweaks, analytical upgrades and an even more convenient synchronization module has made this our most wide-ranging and feature rich update to the app yet.

Released Updates
August 2020

C5 CDR Analyzer

  • Option to “Match Movements” with select CDR added
  • Users can match numbers between one or more analysis
  • Option to merge CDR into IPDR Analysis
  • ”Clean Data” feature in Database Management
  • Detailed view of “Behavior Analysis”
  • Improved Cell Site update settings
May 2020

C5 CDR Analyzer – Covid-19 Edition

To tackle such an unparalleled situation to contain the virus and those infected, authorities were facing a mammoth task. We sought out to ease this by launching an exclusive COVID19 Edition. All the familiar features but with more focus on

  • Containment
  • Ascertaining risk zones
  • Identifying vulnerable individuals, and more
Launched Covid-19 Edition
May 2020

C5 CDR Analyzer

  • Cloud search for Cell IDs added
  • Access to Cell ID data from server machine
  • Option to update Cell Sites from local, server or cloud while importing files added
November 2019

C5 CDR Analyzer

  • Feature Enhancements
  • New Quick Analysis design with fast data import
  • Data synchronization between C5 Desktop and Android application
  • Improved Combined number Analysis
  • Easy “Export to Excel” and .zip, .rar file import support added
  • Option to analyse individual CDR from Combined Analysis added
  • Intuitive Notifications added for user ease
August 2019

C5 CDR Analyzer Android App

We envisioned to bring the powerful and robust data analytics of the desktop C5 CDR Analyzer to the convenience of the mobile platform. Our Android app offers some of the popular features that I.Os find resourceful. With easy import, analysis and share modules the app is an upgrade in everyday investigative scenarios.

Launched Mobile App
August 2019

C5 CDR Analyzer

  • Large Data Performance Optimization in a low-end server
  • Dashboard performance enhancement
  • Cell ID data standardization
April 2019

C5 CDR Analyzer 5.1

  • Enterprise Plus Edition
  • SDR data management
Launched Enterprise Plus Edition
August 2018

C5 CDR Analyzer 5.0.5

  • Standardisation Testing and Quality Certification (STQC), also performed the Security Testing on the application and certified it
  • Security Testing of the application is done by a CERT-IN empaneled vendor
June 2018

C5 CDR Analyzer 5.0.3

Standardisation Testing and Quality Certification (STQC) Directorate is an attached office of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India. Functionality Testing was completed and achieved on this version of the C5 CDR Analyzer during e-Governance project for CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation)

January 2018

Version 3.x – E.O.L

The version 3.x reached its End of Life As much as we loved developing for version 3.x, we always kept looking forward and with the widely popular version 4.x, it was only natural to phase out this version.

End of Support
Dec 2017

C5 CDR Analyzer 4.5.200

  • User preferred Print Ready option added
  • User convenience buttons added
  • Tower name and Azimuth gets added while updating Cell Site in CDR
  • “Foot Print Report” now added to reports
  • Pivot view option now available in Common Numbers
  • Easy “Day wise” option added in Timeline Analysis
  • IPDR Frequency Analysis now gets graphical representation
  • Option to update IPDR case wises added
  • Patterns Analysis now available in IPDR Analysis
  • Option added to backup cases to Server added
June 2017

C5 CDR Analyzer

The most feature rich release of the version 5 so far. We fine-tuned all of the features for maximum performance and efficiency. This version had the highest adoptability rate, with positive industry experiences across the board.

June 2017

C5 CDR Analyzer 4.5.151

  • In Roamer option added in ILD Analysis
  • Sort and delete duplicate options added in IPDR Analysis
  • Frequency Analysis for IPDR added
  • IP details search improved along with arrange column option in IPDR Analysis
  • IMEI CDR gets “Roamer” update
  • ILD Analysis now comes with Suspect List option
  • Option to match IPDR data with Tower or CDR data
  • Enhanced “Matched Data” visualization
January 2017

C5 CDR Analyzer 4.5.128

  • “Movements” added to Location Analysis in CDR and Quick analysis reports
  • New data regarding IP details is updated
  • S.O.P reports now available in Quick Analysis
  • Option to update cell site in IPDR Analysis added
  • Added Cell IDs Import Log Report in Reports with Delete option
September 2016

C5 CDR Analyzer 4.5 – Educational Edition

  • Ideal for LEA academies to teach future I.Os
  • Easy for hands on training.
  • All features unlocked for maximum exposure.
Launched New Edition
June 2016

C5 CDR Analyzer 4.5.105

  • Print Duplex option added
  • IPDR Analysis in Dashboard added
  • Ability to search for same numbers in CDR and TDR Analysis
  • Get IPDR Analysis on main screen
  • Update SDR of select cases and filters in Database Management
  • Option to import crime cases from excel in Case Master added
May 2016

Version 5.0 - C5 CDR Analyzer

After two years of constantly developing and performing tweaks after the beta release, we were proud to launch our most comprehensive solution, yet. New ways to help you analyse CDR data, and improvements across the entire application to make it faster and delightful to use.

Launch New Version 5
April 2016

Version 2.x – E.O.L

The version 2.x reached its end of life, we had come a long way in terms of technological development that it served no benefit to keep the support operational for this version. We had a better version to offer.

End of Support
December 2015

C5 CDR Analyzer 4.5.50

  • Copy as RTF option added
  • Assign bulk numbers for Group name in Number Tracking
  • Enhanced ‘Found Numbers’ search throughout the application
  • “Out of Box” searching option added
  • New ILD importing module added
  • Option to interchange columns in ILD Analysis added
  • Improved ILD Analysis management
November 2015

C5 CDR Analyzer 4.5.40

  • Compatible with Windows 10
  • Option to update Roaming Details in CDR Analysis
  • Quick Analysis gets improved “First and Last” calls in location analysis
  • Option to update SDR with service provider and circle name in CDR and TDR analysis
  • Improved Common Number name display
  • Option to match CDR filters with telephone book added
  • Option to arrange columns position in Tower Analysis for base number and other details
  • Advance Search can now search service provider by LRN
  • Option to hide or display number of IMSI used in CDR Analysis
August 2015

C5 CDR Analyzer 5.0

  • Beta version released, while the development work continued.
Beta Version Released
March 2015

C5 CDR Analyzer 4.5.30

  • Option to create more detailed Clusters added
  • Users can now add notes to IMEI and Cell sites
  • Pattern Analysis in tower details gets option for “Time Between”
  • Option to Keep Case Details while deleting imported data added
  • Option to remove LRN in Tower Analysis added
  • Now Find and Replace cell sites in CDR Analysis
  • Open Tower Analysis added
August 2014

C5 CDR Analyzer 4.5.0

  • Users can now transfer unwanted cases to a reference database
  • New delete options introduced for database maintenance
  • Improved Filter management
  • Main search now includes results from reference database
  • Now match CDR in reference database
  • Support for Bulk SDR import added
  • Option to add or remove, Cell IDs import log in Reports
  • Searching IMEI and CDR made easy
  • New utility options to Backup or Restore cases
February 2014

New Version

Research and development work commenced on the next big iteration to the C5 CDR Analyzer application

R & D commenced
January 2014

C5-CDR Analyzer 4.0

  • Compatible with Windows 8
  • Designed for Big Data - handles tens of terabytes of data & quickly processes
  • Powerful and interactive visual analytics.
  • Case Visualizer.
  • Geo-Spatial Analysis: Gen-Fencing, Animation of movements on google map sequentially to give a fair idea of target numbers’ movement patterns.
June 2013

C5-CDR Analyzer 3.5

Release Service Pack 1

  • During login process the user name will be retain the name of the previously logged user.
  • Ability of Bulk Importing of CDR’s, where numerous CDR’s can be imported at a single go.
May 2012

C5-CDR Analyzer 3.0

  • Compatibility with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
    (Ultimate Edition).
  • Supports Client Server Architecture. With option to connect to the database located on various locations, viz. Local, Server, Group, Global. It also supports integration with DDA (Dump Data Analysis) as prior versions supported SDR database integration.
  • Quick Search option has been provided to search required series, STD, ISD Codes, Tower Details, mobile numbers and names on a
    single click.
May 2011

C5-CDR Analyzer 2.0

Service Pack 2

  • Provision to update Series, STD, ISD Codes and Cellsites (TowerID’s).
  • Provision to add Tower Details with all possible Cell ID’s combinations.
  • Generation of Hash value to ensure consistency of required file.
March 2010

C5-CDR Analyzer 2.0

Service Pack 1

  • Updated Service provider series, STD and ISD codes and Updated Tower details of all Service providers of Karnataka State.
  • Provision to import CDR's of HTML and PDF format files.
  • Performance of CDR Analysis has been increased pertaining to speed and accuracy.
  • Enabling fast access to Geo Analysis (i.e., Displays tower locations, CDR movements and mapping nearest towers).
October 2009

C5-CDR Analyzer 1.0

This was first version of the software, was developed to import multi-formatted CDR files and to perform CDR analysis by generating various patterns needed and to generate intelligent reports.

June 2008

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