11 April, 2023

Call Data Analysis in 2023

Mobile communication technology has changed the world. There are billions of active mobile devices around the world today. These days people use mobile phones for everything and everywhere, be it a thriving metropolis, a small city or a remote countryside. As this technology has advanced, so too have the methods of cyber criminals.

Thankfully, mobile technology leaves a fair number of digital breadcrumbs. This trail of cyber-crime data can reveal a hidden world once a detailed cyber-crime investigation is done, an obscure world ever so often, but a world that points to the truth.

It’s our mission to help our clients search for and find that truth, in order to make our world a better and a safer place.

Call Detail Records, also known as CDRs or IP Detail Records also known as IPDRs, contain a wealth of information about phone calls made over a telecommunications network and the internet using app to app calling. The analysis of these records can provide valuable insights for law enforcement agencies investigating cyber-crimes and criminal activities.

In recent years, the rise of internet-based app-to-app calling has changed the way CDR analysis is performed. With the increasing popularity of messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram, many people now use these apps to make phone calls instead of traditional cellular networks calls. This means that the call detail records generated by these apps are different from traditional CDRs, and traditional cyber-crime analysis software may not be able to process them.

To analyse app-to-app calls, law enforcement agencies will need specialized tools that are designed specifically to work with this type of data. Cyber-crime analysis software will typically use data analysis techniques to help identify patterns and trends in the data, to provide a more complete picture of the suspects.

Cyber-crime investigation software and tools are essential in the fight against criminals. However, it's important to note that these tools are only effective when used by trained professionals. Cyber-crime investigations are complex, and require skilled law enforcement investigators who can use these tools to their full potential.

In conclusion, cyber-crime is a growing threat in today's digital world, and the right analytical tools are essential in tackling it. Cyber-crime analysis software, innovative investigation methods, and robust cyber-crime investigation tools can all play a critical role in identifying, solving and preventing cyber threats. By taking these steps, organizations can better protect themselves and their customers from the damaging effects of cyber-crime.

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